Critical and Strategic Minerals Exploration
Enigma Project
    The Enigma Project is a mineral exploration project that has been ongoing for decades. Well known PhD's and Kennecott Exploration and others have been participants in this process. Now a new phase of exploration and development has begun. This phase involves a multidimensional strategy. Which adds multiple profit points .

     Phase one of the mineral exploration will now concentrate on a section of one of three veins. This section of vein has assayed as high as 53.432 oz.per ton Gold and 258 oz. per ton silver. This section also has old shallow workings that were the result of "high grading " (taking of rich ore) in the old days.

     Phase 2 is to expand the search of three vein systems that are only a couple of 100 feet  apart . They also are wide veins in some places as wide as 18 feet. Which suggests the high probability of parallel veins and or intersecting of veins at depth. 

     Discovery of high grade and lower grade economic viability. Due to the fact that a permitted mill is in close proximity.

      Long term plan is to prove the conclusion that me and one of the Phd's . Which is that at depth a highly fracturing of Ultra Basic rocks.After the fracturing Gold Silver and other minerals filled these fractures. These ultra basic rocks were the source of Platinum metals that have been observed and confirmed by assay. The platinum metals have occurred in intrusions if ultra basic rocks and in slivers of ultra basic rocks within veins that have been thin sectioned. Ted Paster PhD. " I think this could be another deposit the size of Climax Mine in Leadville   Colorado."

       Two more potential deposit discoveries have been discovered to the north .  One common theme is Ultra Basic rocks.

      The multidimensional nature of our business plan includes filming the progress of exploration . Which adds to the possible profit points and serves the function of public relations.  

     To summarize the multidimensional possible profit points. 
          1. discovery and mining of high grade.
          2. Public offering of  mining and media production company.
          3. Production of  episodic documentary or " reality show".
          4. Production  of  adds or shows that educate the need to produce
               domestically " critical and strategic minerals".
          5. Possible merchandising
          6. Eventual development of Larger Deposit at depth.

           For more information and documentation visit presentation page                on this site or contact us.
           For those familiar with assay indications of PGMs the pictures
            speak for themselves.

            Recent disclosure of Kennecott exploration was mentioned. They did some stream sediment analysis etc years ago.the analysis mentioned was never followed up.Enigma Project includes 3 separate deposits. All three have in common ultra basic rocks and platinum metals. Kimberlitic rocks and ultra basic rocks are known sources of Diamonds and other gemstones and Platinum Minerals.

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