Critical and Strategic Minerals Exploration
Offered amount for 30% interest
If an interested party comes forward .Then a letter of intent would be signed and $50000. would be put into an escrow account.where it would remain for 30 days or agreed upon time period. Allowing review of documents and  negotiation with RP3 mining and other parties. At the end of the 30 day or agreed to time period. If it is decided to obtain  the option  with accompanying agreement then $50000. will be tranfered to RP3 mining as non refundable. If it is decided by interested party not to obtain option.Then $10000 . will go to Rp3 Mining Inc. and $40000 of option money will be returned to interested party . If option is exercised $50000. non refundable option will be signed that would allow reasonable time agreed upon. For examination of Mineral properties by qualified Geologist. Also to arrange financing and other aspects.

The $50000. would allow for continuation of a multidimensional business model in process .phase 1.which is to explore for near surface high grade deposits. That could be mined in short order and processed by nearby permitted mill.

Also continue with documentation by filming.Which will be used for public relations , profit or promotion of the need for domestic production of Critical and Strategic Minerals.Also the filming could aid in promotion of eventual public offering.

If the offered amount for 30% is closed . No money would go to me personally. The same would apply to the option money. Inclusion on corporate board and hiring of a qualified C.E.O. would be the first order of business. 30% interest of both RP3 Mining Inc. and Enigma Mac Productions Inc. for offered amount .
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Recent disclosure of Kennecott exploration was mentioned. They did some stream sediment analysis etc years ago.the analysis mentioned was never followed up.Enigma Project includes 3 separate deposits. All three have in common ultra basic rocks and platinum metals. Kimberlitic rocks and ultra basic rocks are known sources of Diamonds and other gemstones and Platinum 
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We are open to any possible collaborations on the Enigma Project. Which can move the project forward. Below is an example of a plan  that includes multiple profit points.
Notice ! 30% offer has increased to 
$ 15,000,000. for 30% in both corporations. This applies to possible plan with multiple profit points described on websites. 
 **We are open to all proposals ***
  Contact by phone only 970-518-6227
  for further arrangements,