critical and strategic minerals exploration critical and strategic minerals exploration
Critical and Strategic Minerals Exploration


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RP3 Mining Inc. is the owner of this site
and claims that have discoveries that have noble metals. Which include Gold Silver and the Platinum Metals and others.Evidence exits that indicates possible Reserves in the 100s of $ Billions.The Platinum Metals discovered are anomg the most Critical and Strategic Minerals.Now with recent actions by the President of the United States. RP3 Mining Inc. is moving forward with further exploration and production . We are seeking interested investors or collaborators in this effort.
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                                ENIGMA PROJECT
  The Enigma Project has become a mineral exploration in process.That is being filmed to follow the process to eventual climax . Which will prove or disprove existence of a deposit that evidence suggests possible value of 100's of Billions of Dollars. Concurrently telling Patrick McWilliams story and issues of PTSD and mental health woven into his story. Told and discussed from the point of view of Patrick and Patti Domingo . Both survivors of Trauma .

Enigma Project business plan or model varies from the traditional.It marries mineral exploration and movie making.It adds multiple profit points not offered in traditional investment opportunity. will  pay a finders fee for personal introduction to party that results in closing of $10,000,000. or more investment.

Other than investors we are looking for professionals that may be able to aid in the project or collaborate. Which will be chosen by a worldwide competition for experts that could also possibly be cast members even to the level of laborers.who would be eligible for a % of future revenues.  So follow us and register for an announcement.To register and follow go to instructions page

So We have come to Las Vegas to place a challenge . To high rollers , producers , investors and others. Join us undertaking a journey . That could bring returns beyond your wildest dreams. What a more appropriate location to seek participation and eventual launch the project. In order to do such a project adequately.It takes a substantial investment.The minimum is $10,000,000 .

Other offers will be considered. 

  To summarize the multidimensional possible profit points. 
  1. discovery and mining of high grade.
  2. Public offering of mining corporation and media production corporations.
  3. Production of episodic documentary or " reality show" that follows mineral exploration.The mineral projects potential Jackpot is in the HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS OF $$$$$!
  4. Production of adds or shows that educate the need to produce
  domestically " critical and strategic minerals".
  5. Possible merchandising
  7. Eventual development of Larger Deposit at depth.

$10,000,000. or more investment sequence.

If interested appointment will  be made to meet with Patrick E. McWilliams in Las Vegas. Prior to meeting review of documents on website or phone call questions to be answered. In person inspection of documents in personal conference.

If still interested after conference and review of information then we proceed to steps below .

Offered amount for 30% interest
If an interested party comes forward .Then a letter of intent would be signed and $50000. would be put into an escrow account.where it would remain for 30 days or agreed upon time period. Allowing review of documents and negotiation with RP3 mining and other parties. At the end of the 30 day or agreed to time period. If it is decided to obtain the option with accompanying agreement then $50000. will be tranfered to RP3 mining as non refundable. If it is decided by interested party not to obtain option.Then $10000 . will go to Rp3 Mining Inc. and $40000 of option money will be returned to interested party . If option is exercised $50000. non refundable option will be signed that would allow reasonable time agreed upon. For examination of Mineral properties by qualified Geologist. Also to arrange financing and other aspects.

The $50000. would allow for continuation of a multidimensional business model in process .phase 1.which is to explore for near surface high grade deposits. That could be mined in short order and processed by nearby permitted mill.

Also continue with documentation by filming.Which will be used for public relations , profit or promotion of the need for domestic production of Critical and Strategic Minerals.Also the filming could aid in promotion of eventual public offering.

If the offered amount for 30% is closed . No money would go to me personally. The same would apply to the option money. Inclusion on corporate board and hiring of a qualified C.E.O. would be the first order of business. 30% interest of both RP3 Mining Inc. and Enigma Mac Productions Inc. for offered amount .

Gold the movie trailer below could resemble series as to core drilling and Public offering and value of Deposit.Also would be hard rock rather than Placer mining.  Rather than GOLD RUSH . The Enigma Project will tell a story of exploration mining of richer near surface deposits. To public offering and to the climax of final drilling that could prove deeper deposits worth $$ 100's of BILLIONS ! 
New release of data and geochemical data and other information on Linkedin  Patrick McWilliams or link above or
Notice ! 30% offer has increased to 
$ 15,000,000. for 30% in both corporations. This applies to possible plan with multiple profit points described on websites. 
 **We are open to all proposals ***
  Contact by phone only 970-518-6227
  for further arrangements,