critical and strategic minerals exploration critical and strategic minerals exploration
Critical and Strategic Minerals Exploration
Isoferroplatinum : Pt- Fe  Russia
Isoferroplatinum Enigma Project

Isoferroplatinum  Enigma Project
Gold Spheroid from 
Enigma Project concentrate
from Porphyry
Grains from Porphyry 
Enigma Project
spheroid flat on bottom metal covered with
debris -concentrate Porphyry Enigma
Enigma project
enigma project Blue sphere stuck to porphyry

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example of intrusive that produces spheres and other shapes
example of intrusive that produces spheres and other shapes

Grains from enigma project

          For those who are not Geologists
 The area of characteristics that entail the exploration target is much larger than the Henderson Project in Empire, Colorado.
In 2007, the Henderson Mine produced 40 million pounds of moly (estimated at 1.1 billion US Dollars) . 
The remaining resource for the Henderson Mine was estimated in 2006 to be approximately 500 million pounds.
In 2006, the billionth pound of Moly was mined .
Enigma Project
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If an interested party comes forward . A $50000. non refundable option will be signed that would allow examination of Mineral properties by qualified Geologist. Also to arrange financing and other aspects. The $50000. would allow for planned filming to commence in July . Estimated cost $20000. Leaving the remainder for Mineral exploration and filming in other locations and Vegas. If the $10,000,000. for 30% is closed . No money would go to me personally.The same would apply to the option money. Approx $6,000,000. would go to Mineral Exploration. Which would include hiring a qualified C.E.O. and money to begin process of public offering. $1,000,000. to Zeppelin Views contracts and financing. The remaining $3,000,000. going to Enigma Mac Productions Inc. for Enigma Mac Productions Inc. for production of Enigma Project and other productions and money for C.E.O. and prep for public offering.